• mini Maker Faire in London

    Amidst the chaos of 3D printers, hairdryers drying handmade paper, flashing lights and flying objects at London’s first Maker Faire last weekend, the HowDo stand was a hive of people making HowDos.

    The results are an awesome window into the buzz and enthusiasm that makes up a Maker Faire.

    We had wonderfully inspiring neighbours including Alyssa and Tom who’d built a raspberry pi-powered pollution monitor picked up by Wired UK this week. Emma Rose gave a talk about whether HowDo is the Twitter of Instructables and lots of you stopped by to capture micro guides of your doings. Here’s a few of them, the rest you can find in the Maker and DIY Collection in your app. 

    Thermochromic inks a micro guide by Laura Heckford on HowDo  

    Vibrobug Guide a micro guide by aaron sturman on HowDo

    LED badge with Bare Paint a micro guide by HowDo Team on HowDo

    And lastly Ross even made a HowDo helmet for handsfree HowDo-ing. The only problem is getting Siri to take the pictures at the right time! Have you ever dreamt up a crazy device? We’d love to see them, and maybe the next Maker Faire is a great place to show them off!